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Talleen Hacikyan
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Visual arts


Talleen Hacikyan earned a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and Fine Arts Education from UQAM in 1985. She won first prize at the Loto-Quebec printmaking competition in 1991. ln 1993, Pratt and Whitney Canada awarded her the Pierre Henry Prize for visual artists. She has exhibited in solo and group shows in Canada, the United States, Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, France, Portugal, Spain, Taiwan and Australia. She teaches printmaking at the Saidye Bronfman School of Fine Arts and gives workshops in schools and studios across Québec. ln 2003, she taught woodcut printing to Inuit artists in Nunavik.



Proposed approach and type of activities

Through observation and practice, students will appreciate the unique qualities of printmaking. Creating an image on a plate, inking it and printing it onto paper produces a very different image than drawing or painting directly onto paper. In this workshop, students will explore texture, line, tonality, composition and superposition.
At the elementary level, Talleen Hacikyan presents a brief portfolio of her prints, highlighting different techniques, and talking about the artistic process. She demonstrates how to print a linocut. Students create a monotype print that combines Styrofoam printing with printing objects by hand. They learn how to number, sign and give a title to their monoprint.
At the high-school level, the artist presents a portfolio of her prints. With a mini printing press she demonstrates how she prints a colIagraph. She talks about the artist's profession and the craft of the master printer. Students create a monoprint which they print themselves on the press. They learn how to number, sign and give a title to their monoprint.

Other examples of activities

The monoprint workshop can be adapted to many themes. Examples:
The Middle Ages
Prehistoric cave art
Inuit art ( see opposite for an example )
African masks ( see opposite for an example )

The print is a versatile medium that can be used creatively in different contexts. Examples:
Greeting cards
Illustrations for a poem or a text
Collective book

Special conditions

At the primary level, the workshop requires liquid gouache, cartridge paper (supplied by the school) and printer's ink (provided by the artist), at a cost of $20 per day. At the secondary level, the activity requires printer's ink, a press and paper, at a cost of $30 per day.

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Talleen Hacikyan
Phone: (514) 485-2962
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talleen hacikyan artist, the culture in the school program
Talleen Hacikyan at the press

gravure d'un élève pendant un atelier de les artistes à l'école

Monotype inspired by African mask
secondary I student

Prints inspired by inuit art
grade 4 and 5 students