Collagraph Printing

Collagraph printing is a flexible and direct medium that offers a world of image-making possibilities. Create rich textures on cardboard plates with plaster, acrylic gel, carborundum powder and collage. Participants will work in black and white and in color. This course covers the basics of making a collagraph plate and printing it through the press. Beautiful prints guaranteed!


Create fabulous one-of-a-kind prints. This workshop will explore traditional monotype printing where ink is applied to a plastic plate by brush, roller, spatula, rag, fingers, rubber stamp… and printed onto paper through the press. Participants will also learn a more experimental approach: printing onto paper that has been collaged with elements such as pieces of paintings, drawings, or prints. A playful technique that inspires new ideas!


Create sublime lines, tantalizing textures, and bold compositions with linocut printing, a technique popularized by Picasso. The process involves using tools to engrave into a linoleum plate, rolling ink onto the intact upper surface, and printing onto paper through the press. Although similar to woodcut, linocut has the advantage of being much easier to incise.


Relief Woodcut

Woodcut printing originated in China in antiquity as a method of printing on textiles and later on paper. Participants will learn how to carve designs into woodblocks, ink them with rollers, and print them onto paper through a printing press or manually with a barren. Create striking compositions and intricate textures with this medium.

Intaglio woodcut printing

Intaglio woodcut printing is a rich medium that combines the bold, expressive lines of relief woodcut and the subtle textural and tonal effects of collagraph printing. Participants will carve into thin wood plates and create textures using acrylic gel, plaster, carborundum powder and collage. Plates are printed in intaglio--both the carved and the relief work retain ink that will be transferred to the paper.


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