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Spring cleaning

A postcard story in:

Room Magazine

Volume 31.1
Vancouver, BC, 2008

Excerpt from Spring Cleaning

She folds the legs in half and zips them into the interior side pockets of a silver
hard-shell suitcase, which lies at the foot of ...

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talleen hacikyan

To Dante

A postcard story in:

Room Magazine
Volume 31.1 2008
Vancouver, BC

Excerpt from To Dante

WHEN I WAS A VIRGIN PAGE my name was Bice de Folco Portinari.
Now you scrawl all over me with perfect verses and call me Beatrice...

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A short story in :

Ararat Quaterly

Volume XLV No. 180 Fall 2004
New York, New York

Excerpt from Fools

Inside, he painted on the few remaining brick walls: a man sitting on a toilet, holding
a bouquet of flowers; a girl dancing on top of a TV with a monkey playing accordion

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talleen hacikyan