Book : Tork Angegh

An Armenian Fable
Recorded by Ghazaros Aghayan
Translated by Agop J. Hacikyan
Versified by Edward S. Franchuk
Illustrated by Talleen Hacikyan

Tork Angegh tells the story of a legendary Armenian folk hero who realizes the age-old dream of the Armenian people: to live in peace and harmony with the other inhabitants of the Earth. In this poetic translation there is something that will delight everyone: children (who will revel in its story and descriptions), art lovers (who will glory in its illustrations), students of litterature and folklore, and lovers of peace everywhere.

Published by Gomidas Institute, London, U.K.,2007

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tork angegh tork angegh
tork angegh tork angegh
tork angegh tork angegh
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