Artist's Statement

Talleen Hacikyan


talleen hacikyan

My work is mainly related to home experience while exploring human identity. Symbols such as the house, sea, tree, fish, apple, and bowl appear in my images, creating a personal code with a view to conveying messages.

Several of my prints fuse the house and sea imagery. The house represents human life, family, and shelter. The sea is used as a symbol for movement, passage of time, life cycles, force of nature, and impending danger. The fish, apple and bowl convey sustenance. The meanings of my prints vary according to the juxtaposition of these icons.

In Grass Houses the homes are caught in a whirlpool, suggesting that families are subject to waves of events and forces beyond their control. In À marée haute the roof shelters the human figure from heavy rain, while the skeletal frame of the house partially submerges in water and reveals the fragility of home.

Homes are depicted as part of nature where birds fly, fishes swim … One house is constructed with trees, another sprouts grass on its façade, another releases smoke through its tree-chimney. A human figure is a weather vane, exposing the variable emotional climate within the home. The experience of home, like the natural world, is subject to cyclical growth, change, destruction and rebirth.