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Talleen Hacikyan

Postcards is a collection of eight postcard stories--extremely short literary works, no more than a few hundred words.

Setting plays a key role in determining the emotional tone in each of these fictional stories. Quirky situations and surreal atmosphere pervade these tales, written and illustrated by Talleen Hacikyan.

Postcards is a house-shaped accordion book. It is available in a deluxe clothbound limited edition of fifteen, printed on archival paper. It also comes in a board bound version with a cloth spine in a limited edition of fifty.

Deluxe clothbound edition 350 $
Board bound edition 30 $

Read four stories from Postcards

The Birdman of Courville
Angels and Lemons
Home Movies
Grass Houses

Jury’s comments for Postcards at the 2005 Writers’ Union of Canada Postcard Story Competition:

"Stark, beautiful and evocative. Poetic word pairings, vivid images"
"This is good tight prose."

Postcards can be consulted at Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, in Montreal.
Postcards was launched on December 8 2006 at La Grande Bibliothèque in Montreal.

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talleen hacikyan
talleen hacikyan
talleen hacikyan
talleen hacikyan